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Works:New-Build Farm Residence and Barns
Location:Montagu, Western Cape
Status:In Progress
New-Build Farm Residence and Barns
Montagu, Western Cape
In Progress

The brief called for a phased development of a farm residence and working barn, that could expand over time with limited impact to the Pecan tree grove that it is sited between. The forms of the buildings are broken up into four, minimising the impact on the trees and orientating the rooms towards the strong views from the site. The architecture of the buildings was to reflect the vernacular agricultural dwellings of the Western Cape but allow for a malleable arrangement internally to suit the planned growth of the farm.

The buildings locations are derived by the opportunities and constraints of the site. The two longer forms are arranged in a north/ south direction and located on the western edge. This is to protect the east facing facades/living areas from the strong, cold westerly winds.

The buildings are located in the centre of the two erfs, away from the neighbouring properties, and within the grid of the pecan trees – creating privacy. It is the experience of being in and amongst the trees that make this site unique and set it apart from others.

The establishment of the farm has adopted a phased development. The project is proposed in a three-phase approach. All functions of the farm are concentrated into a single form – the homestead, its construction is the first phase. In the initial phase, it functions as a barn, a cottage and a key worker’s accommodation. The second phase is the extension of the barn to the south. Farming functions and relocated so that the original building can function solely as a home. The third phase is the homestead expansion and inclusion of a master suite and a contemporary living room/link between it and the original building.

GROUND FLOOR PLAN (all phases)



Renderings: Urbain McGee